Premier Hospital Grade Double Electric Breast Pump


The Crane Cordless Double Breast Pump uses innovative 3D pumping technology to help increase your milk supply and make expressing efficient and comfortable.

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The Crane Cordless Double Breast Pump uses world leading 3D pumping technology to help increase milk supply and make expressing as efficient and comfortable as possible. The powerful motor offers “hospital level performance”, with dual modes for stimulation and expression, as well as independent control for speed and suction. Perfect for pumping at work, home, or when traveling.

Additional Information:

  • DUAL MODES: Crane’s Premier Breast Pump is equipped with 9 stimulation levels + 9 expression levels so that you can find the most effective way to express your breast milk effectively. Additionally, the independent suction controls allow nursing mothers the freedom to vary the setting however they feel most comfortable with.
  • EASY TO CLEAN: Our easy to clean closed system is perfect for nursing mothers who are on the go and don’t have time for any unnecessary hassles. The effective closed system design prevents breast milk and moisture from getting trapped in the tubing, thus making this cleaning experience quick and easy.
  • RECHARGABLE BATTERY: Our Premier Breast Pump was designed with rechargeable batteries in addition to powerful cordless performance so that your breast pumping experience can be a breeze no matter where you pump. Our inclusion of a 2-level nightlight also makes it easier for nursing mothers to pump any time throughout the night.
  • COMFORTABLE DESIGN: The Crane Premier Breast Pump is equipped with soft & comfortable silicone breast shields to ensure your needs are met for a comfortable expressing experience. Our breast pump also comes with BPA Free Tritan Bottles to ensure an ultra-safe feeding experience for your baby.
  • WHISPER QUIET: Our whisper quiet design allows nursing mothers the guarantee of discreet nursing anywhere, anytime. In addition, our added easy touch controls will ensure your pumping experience is a breeze.
  • DUAL EXPRESSION: This pump allows for dual expression so that you can effectively pump both breasts at the same time. Additionally, our innovate 3D function is designed to stimulate a baby’s natural sucking with the Massage, Squeeze, and Suck action to provide efficient and comfortable extraction. Our pump meets hospital level expressing performance so that you can have a successfully pumping experience.

1-year limited manufacturer warranty included.