November 5, 2014

Win Big with Kinsa & Crane!

It is one of the worst feelings to look into your child’s eyes when they’re sick. You want to be able to reliably take their temperatures and give them what you know will make them better. Kinsa has created a thermometer that will solve all of these problems, getting you and your family healthy!

Kinsa designed their thermometer specifically for family use. It provides a quick reading that you can get orally, under the arm or rectally. It also does not use batteries so there is no charging or worrying about changing batteries.  As long as your phone is charged you’ll be able to read your loved one’s temperature. This makes it ideal to use both at home or on family vacations. The other really nice feature is that it has a loading bar to tell how long before it tells you when you’ll get your reading. So when you say “just sit still for one more minute” you can actually know how long your child needs to sit still.

To use

1. Download the phone application “Kinsa”, available for iPhone and Android.

2. Allow the app to use your phone microphone; the thermometer won’t work without allowing this.

Note: There will be a short instructional video on how to use Kinsa (or you can reference this blog  J )

3. Attach the black adapter piece to the thermometer and then into your phone through the headphone jack. This is just to set up the thermometer; you will unplug the black adapter piece after the app recognizes the thermometer

4.You’ll then plug just the thermometer into your phone and you’re ready to go!

From here you can create a family member profile or just straight into taking their temperature. I would recommend creating a profile because then you can save each person’s temperatures when they’re sick and remember what treatments you used for when they were sick.

After taking the temperature it will ask you which symptoms the person who is sick is feeling, this is all here to help you track the illness. This is great for when you take them to the doctor and you can’t remember what fever they were running and what you gave them to help and how they were feeling after that, it’s all right there for you.