April 29, 2020

7 Creative Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day with Your Kids!

Valentine’s day is an amazing opportunity to instill fun family traditions with your kids, and make sure they know how special they are to you! It’s also a great way to teach your kids how to treat others for the future, and how to love themselves as well! Here are some creative ways we’ve thought of, that can always be adapted or modified with your own fun spin to fit your kids ages and interests. Be sure to take plenty of photos to capture the sweet moments!

photos from Good Housekeeping

  1. Make Homemade Valentine’s Day Cards

    What’s better than some personalized creations that show just how much you care about one another! Grab some construction paper, glitter glue, markers, and other arts and crafts supplies and make the most amazing cards together. This is a great opportunity to practice writing, spelling, and verbal affirmations. You can make a bunch to hand out to friends, neighbors, or mail them to grandparents! Check out these 30 ideas from Good Housekeeping

  2. Cook Up some sweet Valentine’s Day Meals

    Food is the way to the heart! Show how special and fun meals can be and make them Valentine’s day themed! Have fun making pink smoothie recipes, heart shaped pancakes, or some heart shaped homemade pizzas! This is a fun way to teach kids how they can incorporate healthy foods into meals – like cutting different fruit with cookie cutters!

  3. Make a V-Day Scavenger Hunt

    This might take a little pre-planning, but there are so many ways to incorporate a scavenger hunt into a day of activities. This could be a super special thing for them to wake up to. There are plenty of different ways to execute a scavenger hunt, there could be clues that lead to more clues that end with them finding a basket of goodies, or hunting down different puzzle pieces with written notes on them for them to put together a heart shaped puzzle! Any way you do it, your kids will love.

  4. Have a Relaxing Spa Day Centered Around Self Care

    This is a nice way to get some relaxation in for yourself 😉 … while also showing your kids the importance of taking care of their physical and mental health. You can take them out to a spa and get mani-pedi’s or DIY an at home spa day filled with bubble baths, face/hair masks, nail polish, and even some meditating and self reflecting. Instilling these practices at an early age can really help with development as they grow older and become busier.

  5. Plan out a fun shopping spree

    Have a fun day filled with shopping! Go to a cute downtown area or even a mall and spend time creating a shopping list or find cute matching outfits and take some adorable selfies. If you don’t want to splurge, you can teach your kid how to shop by setting a budget, looking for great sales and deals, or even going to a thrift store and finding the most outrageous outfits ever! Plus, you call always add in a nice ice-cream date in the middle, or wear the outfits you bought out to dinner!

  6. Share the Love and Volunteer

    Teach them the importance of caring for hot only the people they know, but strangers as well. Find a local soup kitchen, animal shelter, nursing homes, hospital, or volunteer event and spend the day making people/animals in less fortunate situations feel loved. You could also go out and make care packages for homeless people with basic toiletries (great lesson for being grateful for what you have) or get some fleece and make blankets for homeless people/shelter pets. You can event bring Valentine’s and hand them out at hospitals (with approval of course!) There are tons of programs available and you can’t go wrong with any! Check out these tips from PBS with volunteering with kids!


    photos from Personal Creations

  7. Get Crafty

    Expand their creative imagination by planning an art day with a bunch of different crafts! This could be as fancy as making some bubble-gum pink slime with heart beads for some additional sensory benefit, or as simple as getting some paint and working together on a work of art. Let their imagination run wild with different ideas or look up crafts to do together on the internet! There’s literally an infinite amount of ideas, such as, making jewelry for each other, designing a cool Valentine’s terrarium, dyeing valentine’s day t-shirts, heart shaped dream catchers, or making flower crowns!
    Check out this link for even more crafts.