About Crane

Who We Are

Design for Better Living

Here at Crane, we aim to elevate wellness in your home and everyday lifestyle through innovative products. We design all our devices with efficiency, function, and style in mind to bring comfort and smiles to your home environment. Our humidifiers, air purifiers, and other air quality products are recommended by doctors, pediatricians, sleep specialists and more, for better breathing, sleep, and overall wellness.

The Crane Team
Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Itasca, IL (just outside Chicago), we began our journey to becoming one of the leading manufacturers of air quality and wellness products. With an office in Hong Kong and global distribution, our passion for empowering a healthy lifestyle is a driving force behind our team – all over the world.

Natural Wellness for Everyone
We believe that wellness is vital to everybody’s health and happiness, and we aim to create easy-to-clean and useful products for all ages. Our stylish products are the perfect solution for elevating sleep, beauty, and health routines in your everyday life.

We are dedicated to your environment both inside and outside your home. If cleaned and maintained properly, our products last for years helping reduce unnecessary use of resources and emissions making new products. We strive to provide education on how to effectively clean, store, and troubleshoot our products so they get the most use.

Crane products are packaged in all recycled cardboard, and manuals are also made from recycled materials with no added finishes or harmful dyes. In 2015, Crane made the switch to recyclable pulp packaging, made from recyclable materials, to do our part in being environmentally friendly.