January 29, 2016

7 Tips for a Clean and Organized Home- and how to keep it that way!

Make Lists– this seems simple enough, but making lists of things you need to do, buy, clean etc. will help you stay organized each day. Give yourself enough to do that you’ll get to most of your tasks but still may have a few left over. This way you’ll get the satisfaction of crossing things off while staying motivated to continue getting things done. (pssst- lists aren’t that intimidating, you’re reading one now) ?

Give Everything a Spot– By assigning or designating a spot for all your possessions you’ll know when it’s out of place, but more importantly you’ll know where it goes. This will also keep you from purchasing something you may not need because you have a better idea of what you already own. And what you should maybe toss or donate.

This is About You – Most of us have that one, or several, areas of our home we have a hard time keeping neat and when we clean it’s the last thing we want to do. So don’t start there. Start by organizing a closet or room that you really want to see neat. By starting in an area that you care about you’ll likely be more inspired to tackle another organizing project.

All at Once– If you can get a lot done at once, why not do that! For instance, organizing the mail, filing bills or folding clean laundry you can do all at once and feel like you accomplished a huge task. More than likely it will clear out a huge space on the counter or furniture.

Whistle While you Work Here at the Crane office we play music throughout the office because it helps us stay focused. While organizing it will not only help you stay focused, but if you play upbeat music it will keep you moving- and even dancing- while you work. Exercise and a clean house with music, win-win!

Donate. Toss Especially if you’re working on sorting through a closet try to remember, “keep, donate or toss”. The general rule I like to use is if I’ve worn it in the last 3 months or during the appropriate season I keep it. If I haven’t worn it but it’s in good condition I’ll donate it. And if it’s old or worn out or I am not able to donate it, I’ll toss it. Many second hand clothing stores may give you money or a store discount based on your donations.

Keep It Going Once you’ve managed to organize and clean most or all of your home, how will you try to keep it that way? You could set up a schedule for each family member; after all it’s not just your job to keep the place clean. Designate each week of the month for different projects. Or my personal favorite, use one day to get yourself organized after a busy week.

Choosing to stay organized is a great resolution to have and habit to develop. Even if you’re conquering a pile of laundry, cleaning the bathrooms or making sure the kitchen is presentable before the next meal takes place, that’s all it takes to make your home a place to relax instead of a list of projects. Let’s hear what tricks you use to take a house from disaster to presentable.