May 28, 2013

Artist Emmy Star Brown Takes On Crane

Each month Crane-USA chooses an artist to draw something on one of our drop shape humidifiers using a Sharpie marker. There is only a few more days left to enter the “Breathe Easy” grand prize of a custom-designed drop humidifier designed by Sharpie artist Emmy Star Brown.

This month we introduce Emmy Star Brown.


What did you think when Crane approached you to draw an image on one of their drop humidifiers?
I was thrilled! I am a huge fan of beautifying functional objects – so what a dream it was to collaborate on this piece for Crane. The humidifier made for a really unique canvas, especially working with its dimensional surface. I kept the design simple and true to my style, all in black. This was such a cool opportunity and great promotion of my artwork.

After doing this project, did it make you think of other images you’d like to draw on Crane products and why? What about using Sharpie products again?

I would definitely experiment with adding more color into my designs if given the opportunity to work with Crane again. I also currently have a partnership with Sharpie! My work is featured in their 2012-2013 advertising campaign, representing Sharpie metallic markers. I am also featured in their MTV commercial. All of my work began with Sharpie ink drawings, which later evolved into glass paintings. As my work continues to grow, I will always have a need and love for Sharpies!

Do you have any thoughts about one-of-a-kind objects like the one you’ve made for Crane? What makes this project stand out to you?

I really love doing custom art. It always seems to challenge me in a new way to work outside of my comfort zone and expand my realm of work. Although my signature style is painting on glass, commission projects have allowed me to apply my designs in a more unexpected way. Recent projects include working on wood, painted instruments, wall murals, skateboards and tattoos. The possibilities of abstract design seem endless. This opportunity with Crane really pushed me forward, as one of my goals is to extend my artwork to household items and home decor.

We suggest following Emmy Star on all of her social media channels to see what she’s doing next:  FacebookTwitterInstagram


Thank you to Sharpie for donating markers to the artists participating in the “Breathe Easy” challenge