December 29, 2021

Best Items to Add to Your Baby Registry

Are you stressing over the difficulty of figuring out what you need to include in your baby registry? Worry no more, because we’ve got you covered as we’ve listed out some must-have items for you and your little one to acquire. We’ve made sure to list out all the pros of these specific items so you can be informed on the importance of these products and why they are absolutely essential.

Baby Clothes 

This is definitely a broad category so try not to get too overwhelmed when thinking of what clothes to buy your little one. Let’s take a step back and think about what month your little one is going to be born in. If you are having a winter baby then you are definitely going to want to include items such as sweaters, jackets, and blankets for outside stroller rides. Other winter essentials such as hats, mittens, and undershirts are all equally important to include in order to ensure that your child is as warm and comfortable as possible. Some indoor clothing items that are also important to include are pajamas such as onesies, fancier outfits for special occasions, socks and shoes (shoes aren’t as necessary for newborns, but it might be good to include for certain going out outfits).

Nursery Items 

Here we have yet another pretty large category, but don’t stress! Let’s cover the basics first – you’re definitely going to want to include a crib, a crib mattress (make sure it fits firmly in the crib), crib sheets, a dresser, a rocking chair, a nightstand/nightlight, a changing pad/table, a baby monitor, and last but not least, a cool mist humidifier! All these items are essentials that you are most definitely going to be using once your  little one arrives. Some additional nursery items that are also good to have on your baby registry include, a night light, storage bins, a bookshelf, playmats, baby swing/bouncer, crib mobile (remove when your little one can go on their hands and knees), and white noise machine (get your bang for your buck by purchasing our 4-in-1 Top Fill Drop Cool Mist Humidifier with Sound Machine).

Bath Items 

Bath time for your newborn should be an overall relaxing experience. Ensure that it’s stress free for both you and your child by adding these items to your baby registry that are guaranteed to make life run a little smoother. Let’s once again start off with some must-haves items, which include a baby bathtub (material should be non-slip), gentle baby soap and shampoo, hooded baby towels, baby hairbrush for gentle scalp exfoliation, and washcloths for bath time (these are especially important for newborns because they’re used to clean in-between the baby rolls). Some additional bath time products that may become useful for new parents include bath time toys, a bath thermometer, a rinsing cup, and gentle baby lotion.

Nursing Essentials

Make sure while focusing on purchasing the best products for your child, to also make sure to research products that will benefit you as a mother as well! When it comes to nursing essentials, it’s important to remember to purchase items that will help make your nursing journey as comfortable and stress-free as possible. Some items that are guaranteed to help with that journey include breast pumps (dual breast pumps are also a great option because they help you express more milk faster), breast massagers (good for new mamas dealing with mastitis), milk storage bags, feeding bottles, nipple creams, nursing pillows, bibs, burp cloths, and formula (if choosing not to breastfeed).

Health Products

It’s always a good idea to make sure you’ve purchased all the necessary health products in time for your little one’s arrival. Some essential health products that should be included in your baby registry include newborn safe nail trimmers, a baby thermometer, baby Tylenol, alcohol wipes, a suction bulb (snotsucker), nasal drops, baby wipes, diaper ointment, and diapers.

Travel Items 

Some helpful travel items that are important to include on your baby registry include a newborn car seat, a stroller, stroller covers (for colder weather), pacifiers, a diaper bag, a portable changing pad, a baby carrier, baby travel toys, swaddles, a baby travel bed, a portable white noise machine, and a nursing cover (mothers should never feel discouraged to nurse their child in public, but nursing covers are great for mamas who might feel a bit anxious about nursing in public).