June 14, 2021

Father’s Day 2021 Activities for the Family!

Father’s Day is right around the corner and here at CraneUSA we believe that all the amazing dads out there deserve a great day to remember! Here are some activity ideas that the whole family can participate in to help celebrate Father’s Day this year.


Attend a Baseball Game 

Baseball season is in full swing and is closer to returning to full capacity each day. For a gift idea, surprise dad with tickets to an upcoming game! It is a fun day for the whole family to partake in, especially if Dad’s favorite team is playing.


Road Trip to a National Park!

Turn Father’s Day into a whole weekend adventure this year and travel to one of our beautiful National Parks! This will be such a special and rewarding getaway that your family can check off the bucket list. Make sure you capture not only the beautiful scenery but all those memories that will last a lifetime.


Go on a nature hike

If you can’t venture all the way to a National Park, find a local forest preserve to take a family hike. This outdoor activity is so simple to get everyone in the family to do! Make sure to bring lots of water & snacks for the kiddos.


Have a beach/lake day!

This Father’s Day is supposed to be a toasty one, so cool off at your local community beach/lake. The kids will love being by the water and dad will love sitting back and relaxing in the sun! Bring some beach toys like a foam football to toss around or a bucket and shovel to make a sand castle with the kids.


Go out to Dad’s favorite restaurant

Father’s Day is ALL about dad, and what better way to make him happy than his favorite food?! Most restaurants have begun to reopen, if they haven’t already. Hopefully his favorite restaurant is back open and ready for you to enjoy! Remember to tell the kids, no ifs ands or buts, it is DAD’s choice today! 🙂


Have a grill night with the family & help cook

Enjoy a home cooked meal this Father’s Day straight from your own backyard. If dad insists on cooking on his special day, have the kids help him out with the preparation. This is a simple yet perfect way to celebrate the holiday with your family.


Rent a lake house for the weekend

Going on a short trip to the lake is a great way to spend Father’s Day this year. This is something the whole family will love and will be a weekend that is remembered forever. For some added fun, think about renting a boat, jet ski, kayak, etc. for the family to enjoy in the water.

Have a great Father’s Day everyone!