October 16, 2014

Five Reasons We’re DROOL-ing Over The Drool Baby Expo

On October 29th if you’re not in Stamford, Connecticut you’re missing one of the greatest opportunities to see and interact with the best of the best in products for babies and new parents. Hosted by Magic Beans, a New England based company with six stores on the East Coast near Boston, they really know how to pick the gear you want and need when raising children. You might be wondering why should I bother attending THIS event in particular, these are the reasons why:

Discounts for Days: The products at the event you can purchase with exclusive deals just for the Drool Baby Expo. We’re talking about discounts on strollers, car seats, baby carriers, safety items, even furniture and photographers! When purchasing the VIP ticket you get a gift bag filled with gifts and a gift card to Magic Beans (closest store is located just 30 minutes away).

Mama’s Gotta Eat: First of all it’s called drool for a reason. Not just because you’re drooling over all the incredible products, but also all the delicious, crave-satisfying snacks that you can’t wait to get your hands on. Everything from mocktails to salty treats to beautifully decorated cupcakes. Where else can you enjoy food made for you, and not left over from a birthday party, and get first hand looks at the latest and greatest in baby products?!

Be Our Guest: You are the guest of honor, let us entertain you. This event is designed for expecting parents, bringing children is not encouraged, and they’ve done great job catering to all your needs. At each booth are products chosen specifically with you and your growing family in mind. Some of these products are not even in stores yet and YOU get the first look. Representatives from each brand are at the booths for you to ask questions and clarifications on the product. The whole point is to that you feel comfortable with your new stroller (for example) and so the only struggle you might have is which toys to bring along on its first ride.

Did We Mention a Raffle: As you make your way through the booths, you’ll also have the chance to participate in several activities list on a scavenger hunt card given to you in your registration packet. The more activities you participate in, the more raffle tickets you receive. You can turn in your card at the Drool Raffle Station and receive more raffle tickets. So many raffle tickets! Drool Baby Expo has made it so easy; you don’t even have to be present to win. Just turn in your tickets at the end of the event and you’ll be notified shortly after the event. If you win, your prizes are sent directly to you! Who doesn’t love free stuff?

You’re Not Alone: Becoming a parent can be scary. You have lots of questions and often turning to your friends who might have older kids or who aren’t yet pregnant, they won’t be much help. At Drool Baby Expo, everyone is in the same position. They’re expecting parents, many are expecting their first child, and they have the same questions you do. This is a great time to bond over your love of chocolate and maybe exchange contacts to meet after the event. After all, we all know parenting is one of the hardest jobs, why not create your own parenting network!

Stop by Crane’s booth to see our latest products and learn a little bit about why it’s so important to get humidifiers for your newborn. We’d love to meet you and answer any questions you have. See you in Connecticut!