August 29, 2012


Now that you have braved the big box store and the long lines it’s time to think about what you want for your office. Fall is buckle-down time. The days get shorter and you’ve got a million things to do before the holidays hit. This is when I decide that I’m going to buy myself something really nice to get myself organized and there’s nothing better than some nice new binders and notebooks.

Russell + Hazel is a great brand for binders, calendar books, paper and presentational materials.  The sustainable chic design matched with the bright linen binding looks fresh and smart. When you take this binder out a meeting, it has an ‘ahh’ factor. I’m not saying it will get you a promotion, but you will be noticed.

Moleskine has an absolute cult following. With the tagline “Legendary Notebooks”, the Moleskine brand openly admits that their products are nerd fetish objects the world over. The Smart Notebook shown here is their most iconic product. From their artist’s sketchbook to their Passion’s Travel Journal, everything you put into these notebooks makes you feel like you’re leaving something to the generations.

Rhodia‘s French-designed notebooks are a favorite among architects, designers, professionals, scientists and others who like fun and functional notebooks. Each notebook has 80 sheets of 21-lb., high-grade graph paper that is perforated…a great feature for list-makers. The heavyweight paper cover is scored to fold back easily. It is a delight to carry this notepad around.  Like getting a new backpack at the beginning of the school year, getting new organizational tools like notebooks fills you with enthusiasm for the new adventures that life will inevitably hand you. Have fun and write something everyday