December 14, 2014

Gift Ideas For Millennial Men

It can be difficult to buy gifts for the Men of the Millennial generation, that is guys who were born between the years 1981 and 1996. You want to get them the latest gadget in technology but you’re not sure if they already have it or would use it. You’d love to get them another sweater for the winter season but is it their style anymore. Well fret no more, the Millennials at Crane gathered to come up with a list of gifts that are perfect for the guy in your family.

Space Heater: Crane’s Fireplace heater is the perfect way to add both warmth and style to any guy’s room or apartment. The Fireplace Heater has two heat settings up to 1500 Watts and includes a ‘fireplace’ setting that can be turned on with or without heat that looks like real glowing embers. They don’t even have to chop any wood for this fire. It comes in four masculine colors, red, black, orange and white.

Fresh New Smell: It’s no secret that between gym clothes and forgotten piles of dirty laundry, boys’ rooms don’t smell the best. Give them the present that won’t only benefit them but you too! Bath and Body works makes room sprays in a variety of different seasonal scents including Fresh Balsam, Winter, Leaves and Mahogany Teakwood. All smells that will add freshness with a smell that’s appropriate for boys and men of all ages.

Power Up: Between looking things up on the internet or playing their favorite mobile game, the charge on your guy’s cell phone never goes far enough. Enter Power Bank, a portable charger that lets you charge your phone without an outlet. They are made for all phones and tablets making it a great gift for a traveling man or a student who spends hours studying in a library where there aren’t always outlets accessible.

Tool Time: Chances are they’re moving into their first house or apartment and they’ll need, or want, to build or fix something. Plus how can your guy be a handyman without having his handy dandy tools? Our crew suggests a hammer, screwdriver that can switch from flathead to Philips, a variety of nails and screws and tape measure to get them started.

Head Gear: After last winter I think we’re all preparing for the worst this year. Get every guy in your life prepared with a cozy hat with earflaps. They come in a variety of styles and colors including fleece and wool hats to match your man’s style or coat. Some call these bomber, hunting or pilot hats, but they have been around for years something that will keep them warm for many winters to come.

Selfie Stick: These days it’s more than just capturing the moment but bringing back the coolest pictures from any trip whether that was a trip to the park or beach or somewhere around the world. Make sure that your explorer can capture the moment and scene the best with a “Selfie Stick”. Connecting to a phone or camera allows further extension from your body so that you can get the whole picture. This gift is great for someone preparing for an exotic trip, extreme sports enthusiast or for the first steps of your child’s life.

The Sports Fan: Regardless of if someone is hardcore sports fan or they just enjoy being warm in the winter, hockey jerseys and sweatshirts make great gifts around the holidays. Don’t forget this doesn’t just mean professional teams but college and maybe even high school teams too. Of course there are always hats and sweatpants too depending on what they need to complete their winter wearings.

We hope this helps you complete the shopping for everyone on your list. We’d love to expand on this list! If you find something this year that you thought was the perfect gift and might be help other holiday shoppers this year let us know!