December 23, 2020

How to Spread Holiday Cheer with the Kids

The months are getting longer and colder, meaning the outdoors becomes a bit of a bother. Keep reading for a list of festive activities you and your kids can do together. Spend some quality time and celebrate the magic of the holidays, from educational to entertainment, there is so much to do!

photos from Good Housekeeping

  1. Needle and a Thread!

    Art comes in different forms and allows kids to grow their imagination. This children's sewing kit provides materials and easy directions to teach your kid how to sew! You can choose from a variety of designs that will come to life once finished! 

  2. The Explorer!

    Allow your kid to seek the wonders of our tech world with this fun-loving robot! Created to help kids learn to code, sharpen math, and communication skills through fun activities and programs. Your kid will get a fun at-home experience, unlike any other! Code Robot Friend!

  3. Some Good Reads!

    This holiday spread love and invest in some thoughtful reading material both you and your kid will enjoy. Here are some favorites: Hair LoveA is For AwesomeLovely! These books put an emphasis on inspiring and promoting an inclusive world! 

  4. Snow Games!

    Looking to do something for all ages? Pin the Nose on the Snowman will get your whole family in the holiday spirit!

  5. Breathing Buddy!

    Crane has the most kid-friendly and eye-catching humidifiers that provide soothing coverage for kids’ sleeping needs. With several options to choose from, your kid can pick an animal or fun colored humidifier that will become their new best buddy! Children's Humidifiers!

  6. Playing Green!This year give your kids sustainable toys! Plan Toys builds their toys with child development and a sustainable mindset. They offer a variety of toys for all different age groups.