March 16, 2016

I Just Got a Crane smartHOME Product, What’s Your WiFi Password?

What’s your WiFi password, this question has become nearly as common as hello these days, but what does Wi-Fi even mean!? If you’re looking at Crane’s new smartHOME line of products, but not sure how the WiFi works – no worries, we’re here to explain it to you.

The wireless communication revolution has already made an enormous impact on our technological advances – it’s everywhere! Companies from every industry are coming up with innovative, wirelessly connected “smart” products, and here at Crane it is no exception. Our newly launched smartHOME series includes a humidifier, two types of heaters (infrared and tower) and an air purifier, with a tower fan coming later this year. Our products use Wi-Fi to connect and communicate, and although there are other forms of connectivity to choose from we’re going to focus on Wi-Fi for now, and how it is useful to “things”.

What In The World Is Wi-Fi and Why Do We Need It? 

In techy talk Wi-Fi or Wireless Fidelity means a facility allowing computers, smartphones, or other devices to connect to the Internet or communicate with one another wirelessly within a particular area.

In other words, Wi-Fi allows us to connect stuff to the Internet without using our cellphone data, being plugged into a router or having to listen to obnoxious dial tones. With the ability to connect to the Internet from any device with Wi-Fi capabilities, it’s possible to make everyday appliances responsive to commands from a tablet or smartphone. This means that, using the correct application(s) on your smartphone (such as the Crane App), you can control smartHOME devices in your home with your smartphone and get a lot more out of them because of it!

So How Do We Use It?

Our new smartHOME series gives you the ability to control your Crane devices from anywhere: a different room while you’re lying down in bed, on the train ride home, even from another country! Wireless technology gives brands like us a whole new world of opportunity to create advanced features like timers, sensors that report current humidity, temperature or air quality levels, settings to regulate these reported levels, energy usage and budgeting – the possibilities are nearly endless. But the most exciting opportunity is connecting all of these devices together so that they can work together to meet YOUR needs in real time!

Be sure to read our set up instructions found in your manual or watch this short video (below) to learn how you can connect your Crane smartHOME devices to your phone or tablet.


We designed our smartHOME series with you in mind. Now you can set your humidifier up in the baby’s room and check it from your room without opening the door and waking up your baby. In the morning you can turn on your heater from bed without needing to adjust to the cold outside your sheets. Turn on the air purifier in your child’s playroom without disturbing creative playtime. Check out the entire line of Crane smartHOME series products on our website.

Please feel free to call our customer care (we have 3 lovely women who answer the phone, not a recording) and they can answer any other questions that you have, 888-599-0992.