September 6, 2013

Nursery Color & Your Baby’s Mood

Did you know the color of your baby’s nursery can affect the mood of both you and your child?

Recent psychological studies have shown that color choice can influence behaviors, stimulate brain activity and even improve sleeping habits! Check out these popular nursery room colors and how they can affect moods. Rubber Ducky Yellow might not be the best choice after all…


Reminiscent of nature and often associated with health, green provides a calm, soothing effect. It is also known to reduce anxiety and help improve concentration!


Blue is another calming color. Its known to help slow pulse rates, reduce blood pressure and decrease feelings of anxiety. Perfect for a fussy baby that doesn’t like to nap!


This favorite for gender-neutral nurseries is often associated with happiness. Soft yellows can help boost motivation and improve concentration, but use this cheery color in moderation. Too much yellow or too bright of a shade can cause agitation in your child.


Sweet and feminine, pink is an obvious choice for any little girl’s room. But, like yellow, this color is good in small doses. Keep the shade light to avoid evoking feelings of anxiety and agitation.

 After reading this, what color would you paint your child’s nursery?