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For new moms, breastfeeding can be a challenge, so we created the Crane lactation massager. This breast massager helps to loosen and comfort the areas around the breast, to give you the best breast feeding experience possible. The gentle vibrations from the massage help alleviate pain and soothe discomfort that is associated with breastfeeding, clogged ducts, engorgement, and mastitis.

Additional Information:

● MULTIPLE MODES & INTENSITY SETTINGS: The Crane Breast Massager is equipped with 3 vibration modes and multiple intensity settings to help relieve nursing mothers from painful clogged ducts. Additionally, our massager will efficiently reduce discomfort from engorgement, something every nursing mother seeks relief from.
● USB RECHARGABLE: This massager is USB rechargeable and comes with a travel bag for on-the-go moments.
● DESIGNED FOR COMFORT: Our breast massager was designed with the goal of comfort in mind, therefore it is not surprising that our massager is recommended by lactation consultants to relieve nursing mothers of the complications that arise with breastfeeding.
● WATERPROOF: Our waterproof design allows for use in the shower, giving nursing moms the freedom to use our product whenever it’s needed.
● STIMULATES FOR FEEDING: The Crane breast massager successfully prepares and stimulates the breast for feeding, so that you can have a successfully milk output.
● STRENGTHEN LETDOWN: Gentle use of our breast massager can help create a stronger letdown reflex by simulating the nerves in the breast and the nipple.
● TARGETED TREATMENT: Multiple contact points for targeted treatment

1-year limited manufacturer warranty included.