October 7, 2021

Spook-tacular Costumes for the Whole Family!

Feeling stumped on Halloween costume ideas this year? Stress no more, because we’ve got you covered with the best costume suggestions that will for sure impress all of your friends and family this spook-tacular Halloween season.


Dressing up as Coraline from the 2009 Halloween film is definitely an iconic choice. Choose to sport buttons for eyes for a spooky take on her normal colorful look, or go full on out and with the Halloween effects this year and attempt to embody Coraline’s “other mother”, the scarier version of her mother in an alternate reality.

Queen of Hearts

Dressing up a this famous antagonist from the classic Disney movie, Alice in Wonderland, will be sure to turn some heads, and if no heads do turn it’s off with their heads instead! Dress up as fancy as you’d like for this Halloween costume option, as long as the heart theme is incorporated into your look, people will definitely recognize your halloween character choice.

Corpse Bride

If you and your significant other are looking for a good costume idea, try dressings up as Victor and Victoria from the classic Halloween movie, “Corpse Bride”! Go all in with the makeup to make sure to really sell this look!

The Addams Family 

If you have a large family, this Halloween costume idea could be the perfect option! This classic fictional family, created by American cartoonist Charles Addams, perfectly  is the perfect definition of being unconcerned with being seen as different or odd. Halloween is the time to celebrate everything bizarre and frightening, so definitely consider this option if that’s the direction you are aiming for.

Stranger Things 

Another great costume idea for larger group of friends would be the cast from the Netflix hit TV show, Stranger Things. Carry the spooky aura around with you all night as you embody the true nature of the characters from this show.