June 6, 2015

Stay Cooooool

Crane India recently posted the following suggestions for ways to beat the heat as summer and warmer weather makes its way in. Crane India partner and Mommy Blogger Priya recommends giving lots of water and fluids. Healthy drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, mango panna, grapes, corn and freshly squeezed juices are best to keep children hydrated. Have lots of fresh seasonal fruits like- watermelon, cucumber, melons and lemons. Yogurt should be had everyday since it’s naturally cooling. Avoid foods like honey and jaggery as they produce heat in the body.

Another Crane India partner, Haajra of says ‘I try to dress our girls in light weight and loose clothes. We also use a sunscreen every time we step out in sun. The only suggestion I would want to give to other moms and dads is to never ever leave their kids in parked cars even if the windows are open.’

Go Bananas!: Bananas are so good for you and delicious it’s hard to know where to begin. They’re most commonly known as a rich source of potassium. Which is crucial in the summer because it helps to regulate body fluid lost through excessive sweating. Bananas are an easy fruit to try to eat everyday because they taste so yummy in just about everything.

Hydrate Hydrate Hydrate: Experts recommend about 7 cups or 1.5 liters of water everyday. This should increase if you’re exercising more often or spending a lot of time outside in the heat and sun. At Crane we’ve been experimenting with adding different fruits and herbs to our water. This is what we’ve come up with: Mint and Cucumber Water for a good detoxing drink. Watermelon water, it just tastes really good and makes you want to drink more water. Our favorite so far, Lemon Water which is good for burning fat, increasing brain productivity and the health of your liver.

Take Advantage of those Layers: Onions, specifically red ones, contain a chemical called quercetin, which is used for medicinal purposes such as reducing pain and swelling. Quercetin is considered an anti-histamine and will help reduce heat rashes and adverse reactions to insect bites and stings, so eating onions daily may help to ease these summer complaints.

Healthy Humidity: Keep your humidifier running even after you turn off your heat. Adding extra moisture to your room, especially as you sleep will help to keep your skin moist. It will also help you breathe easier and settle the dust particles to relieve those summer colds.

When It’s Hot, Think HOT: When it’s warm out you may think the last thing you want to do is eat something with heat- but it will actually help to cool you down. The heat and sweat that you feel when you eat something spicy helps to regulate your body temperature. This is why many of the countries with warmer climates eat spicier foods