August 14, 2015

Stay Healthy at College with a Crane Humidifier

Think you’ve got everything packed for your son or daughter before you drop them off at college? Think again. You can help make sure your student stays healthy, even when you can’t control what they eat every day or if they get enough sleep. Make sure you send your child off with a Crane humidifier and that will help make sure they make college not only the best years of their life, but also healthy years.

Productive Sleep
Days at school are long. You’re running from class to class, spending time with friends and participating in club or school events. When it’s finally time for bed, make sure your student gets the best rest they can. Humidifiers will not only help prevent their roommate’s snoring from keeping them up, but it will help relieve any congestion as well as sore throats.

Clean, Healthy Study Environment
Especially in dorm rooms with students living so closely to each other, it’s tough to stay healthy and germ free. Using a humidifier in their dorm room can help to reduce the number of flu viruses in the air. Humid air slows down the movement of other viruses too so your student can focus on studying and meeting new friends instead of fighting off the flu.

Speaking of the Flu
In addition to helping to keep the flu virus at bay, humidifiers are also a natural remedy to relieve cold and cough symptoms. The added humidity from your student’s Crane humidifier can reduce common cold symptoms like a running nose, dry cough and sore throat. This means they can spend less time at the campus doctor’s office and less money on cough syrup.

Radiant Glow, Radiant Grades
Isn’t it the truth that when you look better and feel better, you do better! Humidity helps keep your skin and hair healthy and soft. In college you’re trying to keep up your appearance while getting ahead in class. Having the humidifier in their room will help them multitask on these two goals.

On the Go and At the Library
Freshman year is about exploring campus and finding every opportunity you can. Crane understands that so we’re rolling out a new Travel Humidifier. Its small size allows students to take it with them to class, the library and on travel abroad trips. It provides humidity for up to 10 hours and can be used in any standard size cup.

Starting college is very excited, a little nerve-racking but mostly exciting. Send them off on their new chapter with everything they need for them to do their very best. Visit Crane for a full selection of products or pick up a humidifier while you do the rest of your shopping at Target, Bed Bath & Beyond, Best Buy or Shopko. Good luck, have a great first semester!