October 30, 2013

The Nose Knows Crane


This year at the ABC Kids Expo we hosted a “The Nose Knows Crane” Tissue holder decorating Contest. They were a huge hit!

The tissue holders were on display at the front of our Booth (#1225) for viewing, judging for the student artists, and entering our raffle to win one of the holders.

All judging took place on the first day.

The tissue holders were raffled off during the rest of the show. We asked entrants to pick a Tootsie Roll, and winning pieces had a white sticker on the inside of the wrapper. Winners then got to select a tissue holder to take home right then and there, after we got a picture of course.

Xza Louise Higgins from MommyCon wins a Tissue Holder from Jose Bolanos a Student Artist at Columbia.

 Overall, The Nose Knows Crane Contest was a huge success and a lot of fun. It garnered the attention of exhibitors and attendees alike as they explored the show, with some even asking where they could buy one! We think this illustrates (no pun intended) the immense talent of the students that participated. We are so thankful for their efforts and we are proud of their work and what they accomplished.


Samantha Miller

Samantha  Miller’s Artist Statement

As a freshman Commercial Photography major at Columbia College of Chicago, I have been focusing 100% of my energy on my craft. In the past, however, I have been known to balance my talents between illustration and photo alike. I just love working with contrast- bright whites and dark shadows are my thing and my passion for the arts exists among a very wide range including charcoal, graphite pencil, watercolors, pen and ink, and photography. While developing a body of work, my goal is always to connect with the viewer and to evoke emotion, any emotion. Whether it be humor or sadness, envy or delight, I want those who view my work to really experience it. When working with pencil or ink, I am quite fond of illustrating certain dreams of mine or just quirky fantasies; things that come from the strangest corners of my mind. With my photography my passions lie in travel, and in culture. I like to document the world onto film and to help others dream about becoming an explorer and to fulfill that childhood fantasy of traveling to lands far away. I have always found a sort of freedom in my artwork. It has been both my solace and my escape. With my art, I have found ways of expressing myself in which I wouldn’t have thought possible. While just beginning my education at Columbia College of Chicago, I have come to know their mantra “Live what you love” very well. These words have come to act as the foundation for the majority of my life goals as I continue on to pursue a career in the arts.

Honorable Mention

Luisa Castellanos

Luisa is an Entrepreneurship student at DePaul University in Chicago. She has been surrounded by art her entire life having an artist for a mother and teacher. Outside of business school she continues to keep a creative spirit. Her artistic endeavors range from sewing plush monsters called “Pock-it Palz”, altering clothes, and painting creepy-cute designs. See more of Luisa’s work at

Student Artists


Samantha Miller – Columbia

Commercial Photography

Lena Masek – Columbia College

Graphic Designer


Sabrina Adams – Columbia

Commercial Fashion/Photography


John Spokas

Spokane Falls Community College

Jose Bolanos – Coumbia College



Jessica D. Shepard – Interior Design

Hospitality and Sustainable Design

Harrington College of Design, 2014


Luke Dolezal – Elmhurst College

Art – Drawing Major


Kristin Faleni – Elmhurst College

Art – Print Making Major


Sam Korsak – Elmhurst College Artist

Luisa Castellanos – DePaul University



Megan Heim

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Industrial Design


Shannon Ingles

Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design

Industrial Design