December 14, 2020

The Perfect Holiday Gift Guide For Mom

The holiday season is right around the corner, and it’s time to splurge on your mom! Here are some gift ideas that every mother deserves! Whether it’s giving her some self-care and spending quality time together, each gift is something special to celebrate the one you love!

  • Support Black Owned Businesses by giving her some self-care! 

    Etsy is the place to find all trending beauty necessities. Whether you’re looking for hair or skincare, these shops hand make their products for you to enjoy. Shop from small businesses within your local community or nationwide!

    Black Owned Businesses!

    Hair Products

  • Unwind and stay healthy!

    Right from your own living room, move your body and relax the stress away! Perfect for the mom that’s always on the go and looking for an easy place to find a variety virtual classes. Look on Online Yoga! for more details.

  • A Night off from the kitchen!

    Looking to support local restaurants? Here’s a list of Meal Kits!  that let your mom have a night off from cooking! Surprise her with a meal or ingredients to make her favorite restaurant dishes with the family, date night, or ladies night!


  • More Vino Please!

    Let’s make it a night… Virtual Wine Tastings are the newest wave! “In Good Taste” allows your mom to enjoy a diverse wine selection in the comfort of the home. Grab some glasses and sip through tastings while making fun memories! 

  • The Green Thumb!

    This gift is for a mom that has an urge to grow and care for a range of house plants, flowers, and succulents! “Planting With P” creates guides, kits, and boxes filled with the perfect greenery that your mom is hoping for – and mailed straight to your door! Plant Membership!

  • A Good Cleanse!

    This Crane Aroma Diffuser  fills any room with a natural fresh scent! Perfect for a busy day or finding some time to unwind. Your mom will love this thoughtful gift!  


Some Stocking Stuffers!

Throw these in as small but mighty gifts that are useful at any time! From trending cook spices, to decor for the home, your mom will appreciate the enjoyable stuffers!

  • “Custom Tile Mat” Design a doormat to complete your household look! Tile Mat!
  • “Treat your Dog like Royalty” For the loving pet moms, have a little laugh with the pet! Dog Bags! 
  • “The Spice Market” Trader Joe’s most popular spices that always add an appetizing taste to original dishes! Tj Spices!


Happy Holidays!