November 2, 2021

Things We Should Be Grateful for This Thanksgiving

As Thanksgiving slowly approaches, it’s time to take a step back and analyze the little things in life that we would normally take for granted. Here are some things we should all be grateful for this year and try to show more appreciation for even beyond Thanksgiving day.

Having Good Friends

Having friends in your life that care about you is so important for building up and maintaining a healthy support system. It’s important to not value quantity over quality when determining who your friends are because relationships without quality can become draining. Substance in a relationships is crucial, thus a relationship that lacks that is not worth holding onto. This time of year could be the start of your own realizations of who truly is there for you as a supportive friend and has their best interests at heart for you.

Good Health 

Maintaining good health is one of the most important things to be grateful for. With sickness comes hardships, thus it’s always important to never take healthy lifestyles and healthy living for granted. It’s so important to take take care of ourselves mentally, emotionally, and physically so that we can strive to be the best versions of ourselves as possible.

Family Traditions 

Creating your own family traditions can become a heartwarming experience. Some examples may include cooking specific kinds of food for dinner, having a thanksgiving game night, making special desserts together, having special seating arrangements etc. All of these little details are what makes Thanksgiving day even more memorable and unique to you and your family.

Making Time for Hobbies 

It’s so important to make sure you carve out time every day for the things you truly love to do. Through the hustle of the day, it can become easy for people to lose sight of their interests and hobbies. Don’t make the mistake of putting your interests on the backburner and allow daily inconveniences to distract you from your goals of working towards bettering those hobbies.

Alone Time

Having family and friends surround you during the holidays is always comforting, but it’s equally as important to remember to carve out time for yourself. By giving yourself that alone time, you are allowing yourself to not have to focus on other people worries, needs, and interests and instead focus on yourself. With alone time also comes the ability to explore new hobbies and interests without the fear of judgment from others.

Deep Conversations

Having deep conversations with the people you love can create a deep bonding experience. Humans are social beings so participating in deep conversations can be very therapeutic and enjoyable. Its important to prioritize thee types of connections rather than discussing shallow questions like what we do for work. Life is too short to no take advantage of getting to know your friends and family better on a deeper level, so remember that this year as you sit around the table for Thanksgiving dinner.

Learning from mistakes  

It’s important as we reflect upon 2021 to remember the way we handled the mistakes that we have made. Have you resented yourself for your mistakes, or have you turned them into person lessons and taken away things from them? The way you choose to look at situations in your life, regardless if they are positive or negative, is ultimately up to you, thus it’s important to be thankful that we have the ability to be better people by learning from our mistakes.


Although not everybody may be fond of change, there are definitely some benefits that we can all be grateful for that arise from change. Some of those benefits include falling upon new opportunities, getting your out of your comfort zone, promoting self-esteem, becoming more adaptable to new situations, and overcoming new challenges.