October 24, 2016

Ulla: The Easy Way to Drink More Water Per Day

This week I gave up carbs. Today I am only eating vegetables. When it comes to eating healthier, we make things harder on ourselves by giving up food groups or going through hoops for a diet when the best thing and easiest lifestyle change we can make is simple: drink more water. That’s where this week’s FINDesign comes in; meet Ulla.

What is it? Ulla is a ‘smart hydration reminder’ that helps you drink more water throughout your day.


How does it work? Ulla is light sensitive so when you turn your light on in the morning or the sun comes up Ulla will activate. It recognizes when you’ve picked up your water bottle or glass to drink and will flash a light to remind you to hydrate. At night when you turn off your light, Ulla knows to stop reminding you to drink water so you can sleep. Ulla will work up to 6 months and then you just need to replace the battery, no charging required.

Where can I get it? You can buy directly from their site and it comes in 6 fun colors, pink, green, blue, purple, grey and black.

What do you think of this new healthy lifestyle technology? Is it something you’ll be able to work into your routine? Let us know what you think!