August 28, 2014

We Have Our Starting Line-up- Do You?

It’s that time of year again, “are you ready for some football?!?!” Starting Thursday September 4th, the Green Bay Packers will take on the Seattle Seahawks in the NFL opener. This also means that Fantasy Football, creating a team made up of individual players based on their rankings, stats or just how much you like them, will also kickoff. Crane USA has some new players to add to their lineup and we’re excited to introduce them to you:

Droplet Humidifier: Standing at almost 11 inches tall with a ½ gallon tank, these cool mist humidifiers might be small but don’t under estimate their strength. These little guys can run up to 15 hours while adding up to a gallon of moisture into the air of rooms up to 150 square feet. Just like their seasoned cousin, the Drop, the Droplets main skills are relieving coughs, colds and fighting flu symptoms. One secret weapon these players bring to your team is that they’re made with antimicrobial material, helps reduce the bacterial build up in the humidifier. This season, the Droplets will be playing for the aqua, white and white and blue teams. They’re sure to help your team beat the cold and flu season.

Drop Humidifiers: The Drop has been around the league since 2007 but improves each year. This season we’ll start the aqua and gray Drops. These humidifiers hold a gallon of water and produce up to 2.3 gallons of moisture improving the humidity in a room up to 250 square feet. Known for their endurance, the Drop can keep running for up to 24 hours while staying whisper quiet. Teammates and coaches know them best for helping to reduce cough, cold and flu symptoms. Although they’re going on their 8th season, these players never disappoint during crunch time.

Ceramic Tower Heaters: Things are heating up this season with quick and sleek new players- “The Heaters”. Coming in at 19 inches, 27 inches and 32 inches tall, no matter the need on your team, our heaters are sure keep everyone warmed up. The 19 inch heaters, don’t call ‘em shorties, have an impressive skill set with three settings, fan, 750W and 1500W, an oscillating function and overheating protection. Look for them this season sporting white, orange and red colors. These safe and efficient players are quick to warm up and stay hot all season long!

Fireplace Heaters: Lighting the fire of motivation for everyone on the team, coming in at 15 inches tall and 12 inches wide and a whole 11 pounds is the Fireplace Heater in the stylish Black color. This heater brings efficient heating and overheating protection on three settings, Glow, 750W and 1500W. With fire in its eyes, this player will quietly show you how to heat things up even during games in bitter temperatures. Along with the three other colors, red, white and orange, these heaters bring a warm attitude with motivation to win!

Whichever team you’re cheering for this season, make sure you have Crane USA in your starting lineup to keep your team healthy and warmed up this season!