1. Goodbye Indoors, Hello Outdoors! Think about your usual day, how much time do you spend outside? I know that on some days I drive to work, work and drive home without even so much as taking a walk. Just sitting outside or going for a short 15 minute walk can improve your productivity and… Continue reading 22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year

Let me introduce myself. My name is Brady Loomis and I am the new member of the Crane Marketing and Customer Care team! I am a recent graduate from the University of Wisconsin – Madison where I received a degree in Journalism and Environmental Studies with a minor in Entrepreneurship. When I am not on… Continue reading Sustainability: It Runs in the Family

By: Diane Maxeiner – Photographer: DME Photo Design Ahh… Spring is almost here. Bring on the yard sales!! Spring cleaning for some people is the time to clear out their homes and get rid of neglected items. For others, spring cleaning means it’s upcycling season: seeking out those neglected items and repurposing them into objects… Continue reading Upcycling & Spring Cleaning: One Man’s Trash Is An Artist’s Treasure