If you’re like most people, the thought of springtime allergies probably has you reaching for the tissues. But did you know that one of the best ways to combat seasonal allergies is actually to get an air purifier? An air purifier can help to remove pollen and other allergens from the air in your home,… Continue reading Why You Should Get an Air Purifier This Spring

This week I gave up carbs. Today I am only eating vegetables. When it comes to eating healthier, we make things harder on ourselves by giving up food groups or going through hoops for a diet when the best thing and easiest lifestyle change we can make is simple: drink more water. That’s where this… Continue reading Ulla: The Easy Way to Drink More Water Per Day

What’s your WiFi password, this question has become nearly as common as hello these days, but what does Wi-Fi even mean!? If you’re looking at Crane’s new smartHOME line of products, but not sure how the WiFi works – no worries, we’re here to explain it to you. The wireless communication revolution has already made an… Continue reading I Just Got a Crane smartHOME Product, What’s Your WiFi Password?

Think you’ve got everything packed for your son or daughter before you drop them off at college? Think again. You can help make sure your student stays healthy, even when you can’t control what they eat every day or if they get enough sleep. Make sure you send your child off with a Crane humidifier… Continue reading Stay Healthy at College with a Crane Humidifier

Have you enjoyed the experience of getting your food right from your backyard? Most Americans haven’t and get the majority of their food from a grocery store. But what if for a summer you could have fresh eggs everyday just by walking outside?Crane/W&K employee Katy is having that summer. Through a farming program, she and her family… Continue reading Chicks Gone Wild- A Summer of Chickens

Crane India recently posted the following suggestions for ways to beat the heat as summer and warmer weather makes its way in. Crane India partner and Mommy Blogger Priya recommends giving lots of water and fluids. Healthy drinks like lemonade, buttermilk, mango panna, grapes, corn and freshly squeezed juices are best to keep children hydrated. Have… Continue reading Stay Cooooool

1. Goodbye Indoors, Hello Outdoors! Think about your usual day, how much time do you spend outside? I know that on some days I drive to work, work and drive home without even so much as taking a walk. Just sitting outside or going for a short 15 minute walk can improve your productivity and… Continue reading 22 Ways to Celebrate Earth Day this Year

Based on how many people ask us about using essential oils in our cool mist humidifiers, it seems aromatherapy is becoming a new trend. However, YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS IN YOUR HUMIDIFIER.  I repeat, do not add essential oils, of any kind, to your cool mist humidifier. We recommend using distilled water or… Continue reading Do Not Use Essential Oils in Your Cool Mist Humidifier