What Type of Water Should I Use With My Humidifier?

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Using the right type of water can be vital to ensure your humidifier is working properly. Humidifiers are great for adding moisture back into the air, but if you use tap or bottled water that isn’t filtered, or contains high levels of minerals or sediment it could cause damage and even require a new purchase.… Continue reading What Type of Water Should I Use With My Humidifier?

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Humidity is a wonderful thing. It provides so many benefits that we often don’t think or know about. Wow your friends – and your doctor for that matter- with these great humidifier factoids. Dry Air – Both heaters and air conditioners contribute to drying out the air in your home. Using a humidifier adds moisture… Continue reading Why Do I Need a Humidifier

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Based on how many people ask us about using essential oils in our cool mist humidifiers, it seems aromatherapy is becoming a new trend. However, YOU DO NOT WANT TO USE ESSENTIAL OILS IN YOUR HUMIDIFIER.  I repeat, do not add essential oils, of any kind, to your cool mist humidifier. We recommend using distilled water or… Continue reading Do Not Use Essential Oils in Your Cool Mist Humidifier