If you’ve attended a concert or public event lately, you’ve noticed how often everyone, probably even you, takes out their phones for a photo or video. Why can’t we all just appreciate the moment without feeling the need to capture it to share the experience later? Not too long ago we weren’t all attached to… Continue reading Yondr Creates “Phone Free Zones”

Designs for the future need to do a few things: improve upon what’s already invented, look aesthetically appealing and be something that could sustain for many years. China’s Street Straddling Bus does just that. All you need to do is watch this video and you’ll be sold on the idea, but here are the takeaways:… Continue reading The Street Straddling Bus | Design of the Future

Cement flooring in an unfinished basement, cement outdoor or garage spaces, they all have something in common don’t they – grey boring floors. Cement is actually an extremely versatile material that can be colored and used in flooring or other places. Using cement allows you to use any color and design that you want, the… Continue reading New Trend Alert: Cement Tiles are IN

Did you know the color of your baby’s nursery can affect the mood of both you and your child? Recent psychological studies have shown that color choice can influence behaviors, stimulate brain activity and even improve sleeping habits! Check out these popular nursery room colors and how they can affect moods. Rubber Ducky Yellow might… Continue reading Nursery Color & Your Baby’s Mood

Each month Crane-USA chooses an artist to draw something on one of our drop shape humidifiers using a Sharpie marker. This month we introduce Chicago-based artist Bill Moran. BILL MORAN – Artist Extraordinare   Crane: What did you think when Crane approached you to draw an image on one of their drop humidifiers? Bill: Honestly… Continue reading Artist Bill Moran Brings Heart to Crane Humidifiers

Each month Crane-USA chooses an artist to draw something on one of our drop shape humidifiers using a Sharpie marker. There is only a few more days left to enter the “Breathe Easy” grand prize of a custom-designed drop humidifier designed by Sharpie artist Emmy Star Brown. This month we introduce Emmy Star Brown. EMMY… Continue reading Artist Emmy Star Brown Takes On Crane

Cranedesignforbetterliving wants to promote a local, independent shop in your area, so tell us about your favorite shop and you could be eligible to win a $75 gift certificate. To win a $75 gift certificate to a local and independently owned shop favorite in a location close to you, please enter our raffle at the… Continue reading What’s Your Favorite Local Independent Shop? Win $75 to Shop

Crane’s drop humidifiers are beautiful shapes and we wondered what it would be like to make them even more distinctive objects for the home or office. “Breathe Easy” is our one-of-a-kind design campaign that takes our drop humidifiers and pairs them with the talent of visual artists from around the country. We thought that Sharpie… Continue reading Thank you Sharpie

There are times when I just want other people to make the decision for me and there are times when, darn it, I want to choose my own color of Electric Fireplace Heater from Crane-USA. And, by golly, this is one of those times. Fellow Giveaway Entrants, this is your moment in the sun. You… Continue reading Variety is the Spice of Life – Choose Your Own Color – Electric Fireplace Heater Giveaway