How do you make a tissue dance? You put a little boogie in it! You’ve all probably heard that one before just like everyone knows the obvious ways to protect yourself during cold and flu season, but what about the not so obvious tricks? With fall officially upon us and with everyone packed back into… Continue reading Cold and Flu Season: How do You Make a Tissue Dance?

INTRODUCING OUR STUDENT ARTISTS This year at the ABC Kids Expo we hosted a “The Nose Knows Crane” Tissue holder decorating Contest. They were a huge hit! The tissue holders were on display at the front of our Booth (#1225) for viewing, judging for the student artists, and entering our raffle to win one of… Continue reading The Nose Knows Crane

Last night I was watching the movie Coming to America. All of my windows were open because it was sweltering outside and the A/C was on the fritz. Suddenly on screen, there was Eddie Murphy and Arsenio Hall standing on a cold snowy street full of traffic. It was one of those scenes that instantly… Continue reading WIN $75 TO KEEP WARM THIS WINTER!